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How To Measure for Furniture Delivery from Hoot Judkins Furniture

Size does matter when shopping for furniture

Measure Your RoomMeasure Your Room Before choosing furniture, consider the windows, closets, heating vents and electrical outlets in the room. Does a door open into the space? Next, measure the perimeter of the room and draw a simple floor plan to plot your furniture placement. Note the size and placement of your room's standard furnishings. Don't forget the details. A bench or extra storage chest can make a size difference in any room.

Measure your Components
Measure your television and other components that you would like to place in your furniture. If you have special collectibles - a fine piece of Lladro or a special vase - note the measurements. Always buy your television before your furniture and have the outside dimensions available. Width x Depth x Height. Manufacture television sizes vary widely, and the "size" television has no reflection on the actual width and height of the TV.

Measure for Delivery
It is important that your furniture be delivered through all entryways, elevators and up all stairways. Measure the height and width of your Measure Your Furnitureentryways, including staircases, hallways, elevator doors and interiors. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and banisters that may pose an obstacle once inside. Consider the furniture to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through entryways or if it will have to go in at an angle or on end. Please consult with a salesperson if you have even the slightest doubt. We can help you determine if the furniture can be delivered into your room, and we can suggest products can be ordered in two pieces for easier access.

We are Here to Help
Our staff is trained to work with your space, your needs, and your style. Bring us your dimensions, and a drawer, shelf or door from a piece in the room for sample color. We will help you find the right piece for your room. Don't forget, our website is just a drop in the bucket of what's available. Plus, we have vendors that can offer customized furniture for reasonable prices.

If you have any questions, contact Us and we will be happy to help!



If you bring us a sketch or photos of your design or idea, our staff can help you build your project. If you need additional assistance with design, layout or room measuring, we are happy to recommend these design services.

Design Fix - Amanda Giles & Shelley Ostman

650-489-6623 [email protected]

Amanda and Shelley provide a unique service offering either quick one hour consults, room refresh or start from scratch designs. They help busy people make quick, affordable changes so they feel happier in their homes.


Rise Krag Interior Design

650-854-9090  [email protected]

Rise Krag, principle designer and her team provide professional high-end design services. RKI Interior Design is a full service firm with a dedicated office, resource library, and staff to handle any project. We collaborate with architects and builders to provide clients with individual and creative design solutions for new home construction and remodeling projects. The RKI team strives to create living and working environments within a range of styles suited to the client.