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Weekly Blog - How does "Hoot Judkins" stack up?

I had a great conversation with a customer this past weekend after she purchased an entire room of home office furniture. She said "I hadHow do we stack up? no idea you sold such high quality furniture. You have a better selection and better quality than most other chain stores I have shopped. You really should let people know about all these high quality options and styles." She told me she had shopped other high end, chain home furnishing stores (whom shall remain nameless) and was disappointed that they had such a narrow selection in style and selection. I love feedback like this from customers, so I decided to list just a few reasons and some photos of product that help show how diverse our product is. Honestly, you won't believe it until you step into our store and see it for yourself!


  • We have a more diverse selection of styles. I recently saw a commercial for a very expensive furniture chain and they advertised that you can choose from 5 styles. Only five? What if your style isn't what they carry. Should you have to settle? We carry over 75 different manufacturers of wood furniture and upholstery. This offers you a huge assortment of furniture for every room of your house in different styles, sizes, and colors. You won't be limited to the few styles offered by chain stores and you won't be limited to seasonal looks. 
  • We have the Bay Area's largest selection of furniture Made in the USA. Our customers love that we offer solid wood furniture, and furniture made in the USA. When product is made in the USA, it requires virtually no packaging (mostly wrapped in reusable blankets) and uses less fuel to ship it to our store. Plus, even the mid-priced furniture made in the USA doesn't have particle board, so you don't have to spend a lot to get quality furniture.
  • Your piece can be custom without the "custom" upgcharges.  Most of our American made furniture is available in your choice of style, wood, color and size. You can design your look to match your style instead of choosing from the limited styles available at chain stores. 
  • We have very high quality furniture that honestly puts these chain stores to shame.  This furniture is not built only to look good during the current trend, but built in styles that you will love for the rest of your life. The Amish really know how to build furniture. Come see for yourself how it is set apart from the rest! 
  • Don't be fooled into thinking that the higher the price equates to better quality. I am honestly amazed how often I walk into a high priced furniture store and I can tell they are hiding particle board under fancy veneers and intriquite finishing applications. You shouldn't have to pay that much for particle board. At Hoot Judkins, we rank our furniture with a quality score. That way you can get a quick idea of how well the piece is made. Our salespeople can go into detail about the construction and materials when you visit our store. 
  • Never settle for what you see. We can change it and make it exactly how you want it. Even if you custom order, you will always get sale price. We have a much lower overhead and we keep our prices very reasonable. Bring in your room specs, and we can help you with dimensions to make the piece suit your needs. 
  • You won't be shopping out of a catalog because we have a huge showroom where you can touch, feel, move and inspect the furniture you are purchasing. Even if you custom order a piece, after visiting our store, you will be very confident about the product you purchased.
  • We are a third generation family owned and operated store. Visit our showroom and meet our owners and valued employees. Plus, we are local and we offer delivery service throughout Northen California. Plus, if you have feedback, you can pick up the phone or visit our showroom and talk to a manager or owner. 

Want to learn more? Check us out on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, Yelp and Instagram. Visit our "Hoot" Judkins Furniture showroom at 1269 Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City, California.