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Personalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry WoodPersonalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry WoodPersonalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry WoodPersonalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry Wood

Personalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry Wood

Simply Amish Custom Dining
Simply Amish
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Personalize the Live Edge Dining Collection Shown in Solid Character Cherry. Choose a base style and top size. Please note that every table is unique. Visit store to see the table in person. If you special order a table, you may also have the opportunity to view the top before construction.

WHAT IS LIVE EDGE? UNIQUE. BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. Raw wood LIVE EDGE furniture is hand-crafted to showcase nature's beauty, with each piece featuring the natural edge of the tree in its design. Think of LIVE EDGE as nature's art gallery. Gather people around your LIVE EDGE top and show them the heart wood, outer sap wood, a growth ring, or the cambium, which reveals the tree's health history. Our LIVE EDGE wooden tables are crafted to the same exacting standards we apply to the rest of our furniture. We remove most of the bark to stabilize the wood and sand the edges smooth. Just because LIVE EDGE is rough around the edges, doesn't mean it's not refined. All of the Northern Hardwood trees we utilize for our LIVE EDGE furniture are responsibly harvested, ensuring you the most beautiful, durable, and sturdy LIVE EDGE tables available. Available in Cherry and Walnut, some of our table tops are book matched, some are solid, while others have natural edges joined to a center slab cut from the same tree. No two LIVE EDGE tables are alike in appearance, and we number each top so you know you're getting exactly what you see.

LET'S NOT FORGET THE BASE. These tops are a bit too heavy to hold with one hand and carve that Beef Wellington with the other. 200 North offers a wide range of trestle and double pedestal bases for our custom LIVE EDGE tops. After you select the perfect top, you will be able to customize your table by choosing the base, height, and finish that are just right for your home or office.

BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED AND PROTECTED. raw wood Cherry and Walnut finish options are the same as for our regular furniture, with the addition of a Natural Walnut to preserve the beauty of the sap wood edge. If your LIVE EDGE table will be used for dining, our three coats of catalyzed varnish will protect your table top from spills beautifully. The stain samples, located in our design centers at your 200 North dealer, will render the most accurate depiction of color. Stain samples may also be viewed on our woods and stains page. Please remember your computer monitor may not accurately render stain color.

EVERY LIVE EDGE ITEM IS UNIQUE... Once a piece is sold, it's gone. So, keep an eye on our website for our latest offerings of LIVE EDGE table tops, benches, and occasional tables. We're constantly expanding our LIVE EDGE selection, adding exciting new pieces.

All 200 North product comes with a lifetime guarantee and all pieces are built with the highest quality woods, finishes and hardware. The wood is protected by a sealant that makes it practically impervious to water, nail polish remover and alcohol. Visit our store to see all of your options to personalize this furniture your way.

No particle board. Made in the USA. Fully assembled. Manufacturer: 200 North.

All special orders & custom furniture is on sale! Shop our Toys for Tax Sale now through Monday, November 27th. Donate a $20 new toy and we pay your sales tax!*Restrictions apply!

Available in Solid Character Walnut or Solid Character Cherry Wood

Protected by a sealant that is practically impervious to water, nail polish remover and alcohol.

  • 100% solid Cherry Wood or Walnut Wood
  • Made from the natural edge of the tree
  • Choice of base style
  • Solid wood construction
  • Fully Assembled
  • Made in the USA

  • Most pieces of Live Edge available in Cherry Wood and Walnut
  • Available in your choice of color
  • Choose your style base and size
  • Custom sizes available
  • See brochure for more details
Manufacturer: Simply Amish

More about Simply Amish

Amish in the City. The Simply Amish story began in the 1970s, when bell-bottoms and short shorts could be spotted just about everywhere —
except in good Amish homes. Across the nation, a new age of convenience had arrived. Microwave ovens were becoming common-place, and fashion-forward housewives were ordering the latest kitchen appliances in a wide range of deceptively tasteful sounding colors, like Avocado Green and Harvest Gold. But in a time of rapid change and progress, no one in the city could buy a beautiful piece of Amish furniture without a long trip to the country. Until a couple of guys from the country came up with a novel idea.

The Beginning. It all started in 1979, when Kevin Kauffman and his brothers joined their dad to learn the finer points of furniture construction on their family farm. Putting his experience to good use, Kevin soon joined forces with his uncle, John Mast, to start a company that would pursue a much larger vision. Together, the two partners eventually linked an entire network of traditional Amish workshops with a modern distribution system, and furniture lovers everywhere rejoiced.

The Rest is History Joined later by John’s brother, Butch, and a fourth partner, Kent Patterson, they soon hit their stride, transforming an innovative furniture distribution system into a great American brand. And Simply Amish was born. By handling orders and warehousing finished products, Simply Amish solved two problems — it gave the outside world access to the work of skilled Amish craftsmen, and it allowed the Amish to work undisturbed, making beautiful wood furniture. Built to order. And made to last.