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Custom Wood Furniture Personalized by You San Francisco San Jose Bay Area

arthur brownGood news! You have CHOICES, and they don't necessarily cost more! Here is the difference:

We offer Personalized furniture which are STANDARD pieces WITH CHOICES! If you are looking for a unique product that suites yourStuarts Bookcases personality, consider our personalized furniture. These are Mix and match woods, sizes, styles, colors, hardware and our manufacturer will build it for you.


Copeland Furniture

Personalized furniture is very ECONOMICAL because these are all standard options offered and are built into the cost of each piece. These manufacturer specialize in personalizing furniture and can keep their costs competitive with the market.

Personalization means you can choose the following. These options will vary by manufacturer: Custom Office by Simply Amish

  • Choose your CONFIGURATION such as the placement of glass or wood doors, drawers and open spaces.
  • Choose your STYLE such as the crown molding, base molding and door styles
  • Choose your SIZE, width, depth and height or the length and number of leaves in your table. These are typically offered incrementally.
  • Choose your WOOD such as oak, pine, maple, or cherry.
  • Choose your COLOR. Most offer a variety of stains, paints and glazes.
  • Choose your HARDWARE (such as the hinges, pulls and handles).
  • Choose your BASE STYLE on tables such as legs, pedestals or trestle bases.
  • Mix and match CHAIRS to create your own set. You can also choose the type of seat such as wood, fabric or leather.
  • Choose Unfinished furniture and BLEND to your existing stain colors in the room.

Custom Furniture gives you the SAME OPTIONS but allows you to make MODIFICATIONS BEYOND what the standard options allow. Only some manufactures will build custom furniture. See your salesperson for more information.

  • Modifying width, depth and height to the 1/4 inch.
  • Mix and matching crown molding, drawer, door and base molding styles.
  • Adding or removing features or changing dimensions of features such as drawers, doors, center divides, pullouts. Choose your color (stain, paint, glaze etc)
  • Building a wall unit or office group from a sketch to your specs
  • Building a piece into an alcove


If you are unsure, the best step is to bring us a sketch of the room, and a sketch of the piece you want for that room. We are very good showing you all of our STANDARD OPTIONS to keep your price reasonable and only reverting to Custom options when you feel you want something specific. Don't forget to bring us a color sample from a piece in the room, and pictures taken from your phone or camera so we can see how it needs to blend.

Copeland Furniture



If you bring us a sketch or photos of your design or idea, our staff can help you build your project. If you need additional assistance with design, layout or room measuring, we are happy to recommend these design services.

Design Fix - Amanda Giles & Shelley Ostman

650-489-6623 [email protected]

Amanda and Shelley provide a unique service offering either quick one hour consults, room refresh or start from scratch designs. They help busy people make quick, affordable changes so they feel happier in their homes.


Rise Krag Interior Design

650-854-9090  [email protected]

Rise Krag, principle designer and her team provide professional high-end design services. RKI Interior Design is a full service firm with a dedicated office, resource library, and staff to handle any project. We collaborate with architects and builders to provide clients with individual and creative design solutions for new home construction and remodeling projects. The RKI team strives to create living and working environments within a range of styles suited to the client.