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99 Reasons to shop "Hoot" Judkins

These are all true (and some of these are pretty funny, so keep reading)!

  1. We stock over 2000 items
  2. We offer unfinished and finished affordable wood furniture
  3. We offer custom furniture
  4. We are local in Redwood City, CA
  5. You can come see, touch and feel and measure your furniture in person; pretty important when you are going to live with it for the rest of your life
  6. Most of the product you see on our website is in stock (except for custom items)
  7. We don't think you should have to pay more for particle board
  8. Our real wood furniture is less expensive than the particle board items found at those Swedish, barn and barrel stores
  9. Our customers are the best! When we burnt down to the ground 25 years ago, our customers still came back and wrote us a check because they knew their check burned up in the fire. We had no record of these sales
  10. We use computers and a back-up system now
  11. You are purchasing better quality furniture per dollar invested…a good value
  12. You are purchasing furniture constructed of the finest woods
  13. You have a variety of styles and sizes and configurations
  14. You can purchase single items
  15. You can mix and match between collections to achieve your desired look
  16. You can color coordinate to compliment any décor
  17. We stock over 50 brands of furniture from all over the United States, Canada and from around the world
  18. We carry name brands such as Kathy Ireland by Martin and Aspenhome Furniture
  19. We carry lesser known brands that you can't find in the big home stores such as Oak Design Furniture, Skog Furniture and Arthur W. Brown
  20. We can special order an item if it is something we don't stock
  21. You can buy baby and kids furniture and it will last them longer than their pull-ups
  22. You won't have to buy your kids a new set of furniture when they turn 8
  23. You won't have to buy your kids a new set of furniture when they turn 13
  24. You won't have to buy your kids a new set of furniture when they turn 18
  25. We have a playhouse to distract the kids in our Redwood City store
  26. We have three of the largest rocking chairs in the world (hand build by our grandfather)
  27. We have free candy to sweeten the deal
  28. We have balloons for the kids
  29. We have free yardsticks…because size matters
  30. We are the "Greener Choice"
  31. We carry furniture made in California
  32. Our furniture made in California is finished with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) products according to strict California regulations
  33. Furniture made is California takes less fuel to ship to our stores reducing our industries dependency on fuel
  34. Most of our domestically made products are shipped wrapped in reusable blankets instead of wasteful packing materials that get thrown away
  35. We carry Low VOC Environmentally Friendly finishes
  36. We recycle our paper and cardboard
  37. We use recycled products in our office and store when ever available
  38. We consolidate our delivery truck routes to reduce our fuel consumption
  39. We have three vendors that manufacture and finish in Northern California
  40. Most of our domestically made products can be customized or modified
  41. Our domestically made products are often the same price as import products
  42. Most items you see come in a variety of factory finishes
  43. Most of our products can be ordered unfinished
  44. We can teach you how to finish furniture yourself saving you lots of money and it will be your way; it is about as hard as washing and waxing your car
  45. We have a custom staining service that can paint, stain or blend to a sample in your house if you don't want to do it yourself
  46. We have a solid wood "Create-A-Table, Chair and Occasional" program so you can mix and match sizes, with leg options and choose your finish so you can get a "customized" look at value prices
  47. We sell items right off the floor so you can have it today
  48. Most items are back stocked in one of two warehouses
  49. Our warehouses are right on the premises of our Redwood City location
  50. We delivery virtually anywhere in Northern California and frequently visit the North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe areas.
  51. We deliver on our own trucks with our owned trained delivery crew
  52. We give 2 hour time windows the night before the delivery
  53. We have a 95% on time delivery rate
  54. We guarantee quality control on our deliveries with a full time service technician
  55. Over 50% of our sales are from satisfied customers that have made purchases in the past
  56. We have a brand new, easy to use website
  57. We recently hired a professional photographer so we can show you more accurate pictures of our product line
  58. We list our regular and sale prices on our website
  59. We stock over 250 bookcases in over 30 sizes
  60. We offer custom bookcases
  61. Most bookcases can be ordered with doors and/or drawers and can be combined to make a wall unit
  62. We only send out promotional emails once a month, and only to those who opt-in
  63. We don't share or sell customer information (and we don't call you unless it applies to your pending and current order)
  64. Your purchases are saved on our database so when you want to add pieces to the collection a few years down the road, you don't have to remember what brand, color and size to match to it
  65. We have witty and funny ads
  66. We think selling and buying furniture should be fun, relaxed and casual. We try to make your shopping and purchasing as painless as possible
  67. 94% of our surveyed customers said they are "extremely satisfied" or "satisfied" with the salesperson that helped them
  68. 95% of our surveyed customers said they are "extremely satisfied" or "satisfied" with their delivery crew
  69. 93% of our surveyed customers would be "very likely" or "likely" to recommend us to a friend
  70. We continually aim to improve these stats
  71. We have a store totally devoted to bedroom furniture
  72. We have a gallery store called with all of our hand-crafted and heirloom furniture including Borkholder Amish Crafted Furniture, Simply Amish, and Stuart David.
  73. We aren't located in expensive shopping and strip malls so we have less overhead
  74. We are still centrally located and easy to find
  75. We are open 7 days a week and are only closed 4 days a year
  76. Most items are fully returnable within 10 days of purchase
  77. Real people answer our phones. Real people answer our emails (Contact Usif you have a question)
  78. We listen to our customers and communicate with our suppliers
  79. Every purchase you make is covered under the "Hoot" Judkins double guarantee: All furniture sold by "Hoot" Judkins is guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship by its manufacturer.  "Hoot" Judkins' guarantee does not stop there. We stand behind everything we sell.  Any problem, anytime, we will be there to help.
  80. We buy in large quantities
  81. We pass on our discounts to our customers
  82. We refuse to sell the "5 piece bedroom set"
  83. We only carry bedroom collections that offer a choice of beds, choice in nightstands, choice of chests, and choice of dressers
  84. Our best selling bedroom set offers over 65 different sized pieces in the collection available in five finishes
  85. We don't distract you with 20,000 impulse-buy accessories in our store
  86. We focus on carrying value-priced, quality wood furniture
  87. Our custom pieces are significantly less expensive than hiring a contractor
  88. You can bring us a sketch of a piece you want, or your room layout and we'll help you build it to fit your room, style and budget
  89. We have a unique name
  90. We just celebrated our 53rd anniversary
  91. We are third generation, family owned and operated
  92. The current owners dad started with the company as a delivery boy over 44 years ago
  93. The current owners started working about age 6 dusting, vacuuming and pricing, working occasionally on the weekends. Dad paid us $2 a day out of his wallet
  94. We have kept our owl logo holding the paint brush because we started our as a paint and wallpaper store (Visit the About Us page for more history)
  95. Occasionally the third generation comes to work (when they aren't in school)
  96. We have three sets of father/son teams and two sets of brother/sister teams that currently work at "Hoot" Judkins
  97. Our longest running employee has been with us for 28 years; Our newest sales person has been with us for 14 years
  98. Our sales staff are not paid on commission
  99. We have great customers that actually read all 99 reasons.